2019 InVest Scholarship Winner - Anaya Feliciano

Thu, 03/21/2019 - 15:57
by Anaya Feliciano

Anaya Feliciano

Dr. Phillips High School


Education has always been a vital tool used to achieve success. Being a part of the Project InVest program at my school was a great opportunity for me to learn, grow and develop as a young adult. In one week, I learned the importance of having insurance, how the insurance agencies operate and manage risk. Communications and Marketing is one of the Insurance careers out of many that I favor the most. I am a over achiever while working to part time jobs, maintaining school  and serving as the Vice President of the, Better Make Room founded by former first lady Mrs. Michelle Obama, I have increased my communication and leadership skills. I am also a team leader in my Digital Design1 class for seniors.

Growing up I didn't know my parents because I was in the foster care bouncing around from home to home. One day my dad’s mother found out about me and decided to adopt me. I grew up in a home that no one graduated from college because they weren’t afforded the opportunity to go. Going to college will make me the first family member to do so. I was recently accepted into Seminole State College and would love the opportunity of joining the risk management program.

    Before walking into the InVest workshop I had no interest in any kind of insurance, but being there for a whole week learning interesting information has made me think that jumping into the insurance industry might not be that bad after all. 60% of current insurance professionals are over the age 45 and are looking to retire within the next 15 years. This means there's a lot of opportunities for great successful jobs in the insurance industry. I want to major in Communication and Marketing. Why? Well they are very creative thinkers, who have big dreams, they interact with others very well and know how to get the job done.

Technology is a very big aspect in this new generation. It's popular now but what happens when there is no more smartphones, tablets, television. Jobs that exist today will be lost to automation. For example, you will have flying cars, robots. There will be no need for humans anymore we will have robots doing everything for us. I foresee that the insurance industry will be here forever and ever. There will always be a need for insurance. During Ms. Mariana and Mr. Collin presentation, I learned that insurance is not all about selling claims. It's mostly about providing peace of mind to families so they can have some financial protection support in life. The InVest program have provided a wonderful opportunity by giving high school seniors a chance in the insurance business by giving away scholarships. This scholarship will help me pursue one of many goals I have set for myself. I have finally got the opportunity that I need.It will let me know that anything is possible once you put your effort, mind and spirit to it.

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